We care about the world we live in, and minimizing the impact our resort has on the environment is important to us. Recognized as an industry leader for our green initiatives and innovations, we are committed to renewable energy, water conservation, and the reduction of landfill waste, and believe that championing these efforts will lead to a better planet for us all.

Renewable Energy

We produce geothermal energy directly on our property, and are the only resort in the United States to do so. Thanks to a geothermal well more than 4,400 feet below us, along with a $9.7 million investment into this renewable energy source, we now heat 100 percent of our domestic water and provide the entirety of the mechanical heat throughout our 2.1 million square-foot facility with this technology.

Water Conservation

Our water recycling system has revolutionized our laundry services, allowing us to conserve millions of gallons of water every year while providing our guests with pristine linens. We also encourage our patrons to make water-conscious decisions while they are with us: in-room placards ask guests to reuse towels and request bed linen changes on an as-needed basis. Opting out of housekeeping services rewards our guests per night with a $5 credit for use in our resort. Additionally, our restaurants provide complimentary water upon request.

In addition to these cornerstones of our sustainability efforts, we have:

Installed 30 plasma air generators within our ventilation system to neutralize odors, smoke, allergens, bacteria, and other airborne irritants.
Installed two Tesla Connector chargers for electric vehicles
Replaced our incandescent lighting with lower-energy LED and fluorescent bulbs
Placed paper recycling receptacles in all administrative offices, including the printing office of our in-house magazine, LINK