Diversity and Inclusion

The Peppermill family is dedicated to fostering a diverse company culture.

Since opening our doors as the Peppermill (restaurant/coffee shop) in 1971, we have seen a lot of growth and a lot of change. While we now encompass six properties across the beautiful state of Nevada, one thing that has not changed is our commitment to exceptional guest service. We want all of our Peppermill properties to have our signature family-run feel, because we are family-run. Our employees are considered part of this family, and together we have made the Peppermill into all that it is today. Employee satisfaction is the only thing as important to us as guest service, and the inclusivity of our work environment is part of what sets us apart.

Embracing the differences we have makes us stronger together. Each of our employees offer our company a unique perspective and background, fostering new ideas, innovation, and business growth. We value the different life experience that comes from each of our employees’ gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, disability, and age. The distinctions between us advance not only the economic success of the Peppermill, but also bolster an empowered work environment.